Recently, I've seen pictures posted on the internet that are portrayed as being Antigua after the hurricane. I've read that Canadians are being advised not to visit Antigua. On the record... Antigua came through Hurricane Irma's fury with barely any damage but our sister Island, Barbuda, was brought to her knees. And, everyone evacuated. If you are due to visit Antigua anytime soon, don't be put off by media hype. Antigua and the Caribbean need tourists more than ever. Because, without tourists the lives of the Islanders can't be rebuilt. Tourism is the #1 industry of the islands. Please continue to support us. The sun will still be shining and no matter what the people will still be smiling because they are strong that's what they do.

We have come to low season so things in Antigua are much quieter now so it's time for boat maintenance ready for busier times ahead. We have had some lovely snorkelling experiences just amazing sea life, so you can see in our videos the beautiful starfish and all are different colours my favourite being a sandy colour with purple tips but it saddens me to see them for sale on the beaches and I would ask tourists please don't buy them as this just creates a market for these beautiful creatures which should be left in the Ocean, I do hope that all the charter companies feel the same and educate their guests to look, touch, appreciate and then return to the sea, and they are so much more aesthetically pleasing in their own environment, so tourists even if you don't go out on a charter you can still see these creatures just off the beaches where you are staying, one word of warning though watch out for the jet skis!!

Antigua racing weeks were so amazing first the classics (my favourites) so many beautiful yachts in Falmouth and English harbour, we did a lot of chase the race with guests for both of the weeks of racing and what a beautiful sight to see the yachts coming down the coast towards Carlisle bay with spinnakers flying in an abundance of beautiful colours. Captain Red raced for 2 days with the yacht Caipirinha which was really exciting as they came in third ..!!! So was lovely to see them on the stage for presentation of their trophy Well done crew, the highlight of the celebrations at English Harbour for me was Damian Marley taking the stage on the Tuesday evening celebrations it really was awesome. We found a lot of our guests were very keen to try their hand at the helm and expressed their desire to start lessons so my conclusion is racing week is very good for bringing new interest to the sport and in turn hopefully more visitors to our beautiful Island as it's one of the best places to experience sailing there really is nowhere better, so come on people book your spot for next year.

February has been such an amazing month, the weather conditions for sailing have been favourable and those guests that have wanted to try their hand at the helm have done extremely well, we have also had experienced sailors on board where we have just sat back and relaxed whilst being sailed along the coast, we hope to see them all back in Antigua soon for some Captain Red tuition for the beginners and who knows they could be joining him next year at Antigua race week.

It never ceases to amaze me at how blessed we are to be doing this job and meeting some truly amazing people from all walks of life, in February we have welcomed onboard an Ambassador, real estate agents, construction workers, nurses a surgeon and an actor and I can truly say they have all been great company we have made some lovely friends whom we will stay in touch with.

Children we have had onboard have all been a credit to their parents, we always try to find a turtle for them to see and this past few weeks Turtles have been very obliging popping their heads out of the water at just the right time.

I do have a bit of a moan and that is recently there have been a lot of people we have seen standing and walking on the reef, I guess its up to the people organising the trips to ensure their guests know that doing this damages and kills the reef, we should appreciate what there is left out there.

"We have planned to be out today to take people to spectate the around the Island race, there is currently little or no wind which isn't the making of an exciting race although great for a bit of a cruise up the coast. Red has purchased an Organic grass fed chicken from the new farmers market in Jolly Harbour and is now in the oven on board ready for our guests, the market which is in its 3rd week is absolutely worth a visit I purchased the goats milk soap and it's especially nice, we have decided the fresh produce is definitely on our charters menu from now on. Looks like the race is going to finish short due to the weather conditions."

"This season has finally started with a bang and the phone is ringing off the hook. We've met some really lovely people and enjoying giving them some beautiful memories of Antigua and her beautiful shores. The weather having been a little unsettled has seen us go into Carlisle bay to snorkel last week, there have been lots of turtles and an abundance of starfish to the delight of the guests. Freshly prepared and cooked food whilst guests are snorkeling has been so well received, captain Red is a very good chef and people have enjoyed their trip so much they've re-booked. We are now getting booked for Barbuda we will post here on those later. All that's left to say is we wish everyone a very merry Christmas and hope 2017 brings you everything you hope for. "

"First trip of the season, a large group, family and friends celebrating an anniversary. Everyone turned up in pirate costumes and the wenches very attractive they all really looked the part. We set sail along the coast our destination Deep bay to snorkel the shipwreck, as we sailed past Pinchin Bay a pod of Dolphins spotted us... well as you can see from the video our guest were very excited and vocal baby Dolphins and adults putting on a real show flirting with our yacht couldn't have got a better experience for our guests they were so happy. They all snorkeled the shipwreck and then it was all ashore in Deep bay for a very tasty party celebration picnic. An amazing day was had by friends and crew and we look forward to them coming back on board at Easter."